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[TowerTalk] Duck or Duct Tape

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Duck or Duct Tape
From: (AA6DX)
Date: Tue Jun 3 17:14:01 2003
How many times have you found the "remnants" of duck tape on a tower leg, or
wrapped on the boom of a beam?  When I lived in the hot Sacramento Valley,
the tape just disintegrated!  I can never think of a time I used it in a
permanent installation, but for Field Day, QSO Party forays to another
county, etc... it was "duck soup"!  I always folded an "ear" under at the
end, so that a day or so later it would be easy to unwrap ....  Anyway,
here's the scoop on that famous tape!  73! Mark, AA6DX   Eureka, FAR

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