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[TowerTalk] More on the mystery Emotator

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Subject: [TowerTalk] More on the mystery Emotator
From: (Martin Sole)
Date: Sat Jun 7 23:00:19 2003
Thanks to all for the help in trying to identify the mystery Emotator. I
am still no closer to a specific model number but that doesn't matter
too much. From information received so far it seems to be quite old,
more than ten years anyway but the motor is in fantastic condition. It
is a 100 volt AC motor with a 100 volt AC solenoid brake. Seems that
Emoto changed to dc motors some years ago. It looks like a model 747 but
the controller is different and it has the solenoid brake. Wiring looks
to be the same as a 1300MSAX and probably others too.

I would like to find a controller schematic as it seems rather strange.
The pcb is marked MXSA 8112N-01, it has three solid state relays for
brake and left or right rotation switching and 5 IC's, one opto, one
op-amp, the ubiquitous rotator IC a 4558 from JRC, A hex inverter, and
now the strange stuff, a PLL and a 32 byte PROM.

There is clearly a fault as all relays are energised at power on. Any
more help out there?

Martin, HS0ZED

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