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[TowerTalk] Motorized Crank Up for US Tower

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Motorized Crank Up for US Tower
From: (Michael Hatzakis, Jr)
Date: Sun Jun 8 22:20:46 2003
<<<<  The following e-mail bounced back again, right after I received your
reply.  Terry, is
<<<<  it possible that your "reply-to-address" is different than your real


Thanks for the feedback.  I tried sending you a note a while back and it got
bounced back.

What kind of trouble did you say you had the trouble with the 4Z327B?  Will
the 4Z327b crank all the way up in one shot or do you have to rest it a few
times?  What kid of mechanism is used to keep the cable in position, is
there a lock or is just the worm gear that keeps it there?  And, how did you
stop at the top, did you mark the cables?  I am thinking of using a system
like on boat anchors with marks representing 10's of feet so I have plenty
of warning.  I've got my MA-550 down and am doing some work on it now and
the hand crank is a bit much for me.

Do you have any words of caution regarding the use of a 327b for crank
up...?  I just heard from someone else on this list that they had one burn
out on them.

Thanks for responding...

Michael  K3MH

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