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[TowerTalk] Tower Surveying Tools?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Surveying Tools?
From: (M. Kent Miller)
Date: Tue Jun 10 14:45:04 2003
I use the same method as does Steve - K7LXC, but with a little addition that
I find helpful.

After " sighting " through the tower to see approximately where the anchor
points should be, I tie a strip of  flourescent " surveyors marking tape "
to each tower leg, walk it out to the area of the anchor point and tie it
off to a stick placed in the ground. After doing this, I go back and " sight
" through the tower again. The tape makes it easier to see that you' ve got
your anchor point at the desired spot, and if your angle is off a little, it
shows it up so you can move the stick and determine more exactly where to
start digging.

I just finished doing this today for a 140 foot tower that will be installed
in a heavily wooded sure makes it easier to see when establishing
guy paths through trees and brush.

Kent - K4MK

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> writes:
> > Wondering what everyone is using out there as the "Poor Man's" Transit?
> >  Installing several towers and wondering what's being used to verify Guy
> >  anchors are 120 degrees from each other from the base point.
>     The easiest thing to do is to stand a section in the spot where the
> is going to go. Aim the legs in the directions where you want the anchors
> go. Look thru the face to the opposite leg and that'll show you where the
> anchor goes. Measure from the leg the distance you want and start digging.
>     This method is handy to put the anchors where you want when you've got
> terrain or vegetation challenges. Just rotate the tower until you've got
> anchors where you want them. By definition they'll be 120 degrees apart.
>     I won't discourage use of a transit but this method works FB for me.
> Cheers,
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