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[TowerTalk] phased verticals questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] phased verticals questions
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Tue Jun 10 19:03:59 2003
Hello all...

I am in the process of putting together final plans for a 2 element 
vertical - 1/8 wavelength spacing with delay lines of 159 degs and 193 
degs as per spec shown in ON4UN Low Band DXing book (tnx tip TOad)... 
Gain a little over 4 dB in a cardiod pattern (towards Europe, of 
course). The verticals themselves would be Force 12 180BV - a shortened 
vertical with a wire section drawn away from the midpoint of the 
radiator to gain "length".

The verticals will be elevated, with elevated radials, I hope 8 is 
enough for it to work well but could live with 16 per vertical. Three 
questions I can think of coming to mind immediately are as follows:

1)  Is it mandatory that the crossing radials from the two verticals be 
married together when they cross?  With only 1/8 w/l spacing of the 
elements there will be a lot of these radials crossing one another.  It 
will be much easier to erect if I do not have to deal with that.  I can 
drape the loose radials away from the base of the vertical and 
individually tension them against deserving trees and towers.

2)  I am going to raise the base of the verticals - but by how much? 
The verticals will be mounted on short towers... question I see is would 
I gain anything by their elevation?  I am guessing that with a straight 
section of tower stuck in the ground and a pointy top section the base 
of the vertical would be roughly 15 foot above the ground.  I could add 
tower sections to increase the elements height above ground to 25 or 
even 35 foot relatively easily but am I going to gain anything?

3)  I think the 15 foot number is about minimum, and working on the 
antenna should be fairly easy.  If I go higher the radials will develop 
a "pitch" downhill from the verticals' bases... essential forming upside 
down cones.

Thanks for your input - Summer is here (not that is much needed here in 
Florida) but Summer to me always mean antenna projects to try out in the 


Jim, K4OJ

bcc: Ink, Dan

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