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[TowerTalk] Ring Rotor Location Advice

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ring Rotor Location Advice
From: (Barry )
Date: Wed Jun 11 14:06:18 2003
Hi Jim,
There are special instructions for TIC Ring installations in New 
England. They should only be mounted at ground level.

Seriously, they ARE a pain in the butt to climb around. I climb with 
the 2 lanyards on my belt, and always strap one above the ring before 
disengaging the one below the ring. I'd recommend about 3 feet from 
the top, to give you enough room to maneuver. 

I have one guy bracket about 4 feet below a RIngrotor on my Rohn 45. 
I don't think it really matters if you're a few feet further away, 
but don't get too close and make clmbing around it more difficult.  
If you want to see a pic, go to
Barry, W2UP (Go FRC)

On 11 Jun 2003 at 12:51, Jim Idelson wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'd like your advice on how many feet below the flat top section my
> new 1022E ring should be located, and where should I put the top guy
> bracket. The rotor will go on my new Rohn 45G tower. I will be using a
> standard guy bracket and possibly a set of torque arms. My goal is to
> have the rotor as high as possible, but to also be able to climb over
> it. I also want to keep things from becoming too cramped near the top.
> Your suggestions, please?
> 73,
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