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Fwd: RE: [TowerTalk] Tower Surveying Tools?

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Subject: Fwd: RE: [TowerTalk] Tower Surveying Tools?
From: (Jim Rhodes)
Date: Wed Jun 11 17:44:29 2003
This can also easily be done with ropes if you don't have a tape measure 
that long. Just make the short one equal to the distance to the first guy 
point & the second twice as log. And we thought that we would never use 
that trig that we had to learn in high school!

>It is easier to just use tape measures simulateously
>to triangulate.  This avoids drawing arcs on the ground.  For example,
>mark the first guy point at the correct radius and arbitrary angle,
>then pull one tape measure from the guy point and another from the
>tower center.  Move them around until they cross each other so that
>the one from the tower center is the correct radius and the other
>reads twice as much.  That is the next guy point.
>Rick N6RK

Jim Rhodes K0XU
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