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[TowerTalk] Alfa Spid rotor

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Alfa Spid rotor
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Date: Thu Jun 12 08:16:11 2003
Hello , I have Just purchased the Alfa Spid rotor from Alfa Radio.  I will be 
installing it in my universal 21/60 tower.  Has anyone installed this rotor 
before has any one have any hints on installation.  Were can I get more info on 
installing the rotor before I make all the mistakes in the install.  by the 
way let me say, after going over the rotor I am very impressed with the 
construction , steel case and double worm drive. The control head looks very 
also .  Any one who can help me avoid the rookie mistakes in installing one of 
these I would be thankful to .    John   KB2HUK
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