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[TowerTalk] multiple dipoles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] multiple dipoles
From: (Jerry Connelly)
Date: Thu Jun 12 15:59:01 2003
I currently have a modest tower (40') with 10' of 2" dia. hi-tensile mast 
and a 4 el 10m monobander mounted at 48'.  I have two cross arms
at 39' for hanging wire antennas.  I currently have a 75m inverted vee
hanging from one of these.  With a tuner it works well on 75 and 40
but is very poor at higher freq.  I have a 3el tri-bander to put up in place
of the 10m but a pinched nerve in my neck is making me wait to do this.
Until then I would like to be able to hang another dipole for 20m, 17m
or 15m off the other cross arm.  The new dipole would be nearly parallel to
the 75m and about 4 to 5' away from the 75m at the tower apex.  I could
probably spread the ends out some more. 
I previously tried a g5rv multi-band use but was unhappy with the results.
I like the monoband antenna method but lack enough real-estate to spread things
out any more.  My first thought is that if a fan type mult-band dipole will 
this should too.  
Any suggestions, comments or things to avoid??
Thanks in advance
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