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[TowerTalk] LeBlanc & Royal (LR20) Specs

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Subject: [TowerTalk] LeBlanc & Royal (LR20) Specs
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Date: Thu Jun 12 23:34:42 2003
I do have some data on the L&R towers (I have several LR20 towers up as
well). It's a pretty solid tower (20" face) that can handle a lot when
guyed properly. I had a 3 el 40 full size on one of mine. Guying interval
is 35 to 40 feet altho I'll admit to stretching that a bit on the 100
footer I have - guys at 45 and 90 feet - but it only has a 5 el 20 (48'
boom) yagi on it. 

BTW, there are 2 weights of LR20 - the heavy stuff has 1/2 bolt holes, the
lighter 3/8. My guying comments refer to the lighter stuff. The heavy
stuff is quite a bit stiffer and heavier - takes a stout gin pole!

73 Don

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Michael Vigodda wrote:

> I am looking to erect a 100 foot LR20 tower which I can buy used from a local 
> operator, however, he does not have the engineering specs for wind, strength 
> and the dimensions from the manufacturer, who no longer makes this model. 
> Would anyone here have the manufacturer's specs available? If so, please 
> email me:
> Please remove the "SPAM-COSTS-US-ALL" from the above to get the address.
> Thank You
> Michael
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