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[TowerTalk] Request Info: Unknown 38 Ft. Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Request Info: Unknown 38 Ft. Tower
From: (Don Shook)
Date: Sat Jun 14 13:41:02 2003

I have acquired a used telescoping 38 Ft. Two-Section tower, in fair-to-good 
shape.  It uses the triangular configuration, solid rod material and steel 
tubes; welded and galvanized.   The outer-section sides are approximately 14 
inches tube-to-tube, and the inner-section sides are about 12 inches.

The lengths of both sections are about 19 feet, 10 inches, with the 
hand-crank raising assemby, a model DLB1200, manufactured by
Dutton-Lainson,  Hastings, Nebraska.  There is no rust on the main 
tower structural components, but there is some surface rust on the
3/16" - 1/4"  stranded cable and hand crank assembly.  There is
a triangular plate (with a CD-45 (old) rotator mounted to it) that 'sits'
on three bars (welded to the inner upper section tubes).

There are bottom (outer section) 1/4" flat plates welded to the sides of
the tubes in a configuration that would allow the tower to be raised or lowered 
while two of the three plates are connected to the base mounting tabs/fixture.  
There are two holes per mounting plate, 13/16" diameter holes, and 3/4" 
galvanized bolts (six total) used for the base fasteners.

The tower is at least 15 to 20 years old.  The wife of the previous owner
(a deceased ham) said that it was purchased new from the mainland,
but she has no idea what company it came from, or what happened to
the receipts, manuals, or other paperwork.

Is there possibly someone out there that may have knowledge of this model 
tower, or even an old manual, that may give some specs on how
large the concrete base needs to be, and where I could buy the mounting
hardware that would be installed in the concrete base?

My apologies for going in to  so much detail, and thanks very much in 
advance...  this tower will be my "last hurrah" for my hamming hobby
when I retire next year...

73 and Aloha,

Don,  AH6A

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