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[TowerTalk] Aluminum vs. Steel Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aluminum vs. Steel Tower
From: (John Smith (KI7V))
Date: Sun Jun 15 13:56:22 2003
Hello all,

I have never had a tower, so I am currently in the exploration stage of 
determining what type of tower to purchase.  I recently ran into an ad for a 60 
Ft. Universal free standing aluminum tower that has been disassembled and is on 
the ground.  I don't plan on putting up a monster array or anything, so this 
seems like a pretty good choice?  I like the idea of an aluminum tower because 
it would be easier to hoist up the sections during assembly.  I wanted to know 
if there are any disadvantages to an aluminum tower vs. a steel tower.  Are 
they as strong as steel towers?  This tower is a 9-60 series tower, however the 
top two sections are larger which adds to the strengh and increases the load 
rating somewhat.  I only plan on putting up a 3 or 4 el yagi tri-bander or 
maybe a 2-el multiband quad like the lightning bolt.

John - KI7V
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