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[TowerTalk] Adjusting a 4 square

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Adjusting a 4 square
From: (PY2YP)
Date: Mon Jun 16 08:45:35 2003

I do have a problem that, due to a lack of knowledge, I can't find the

I did measure the 4 towers of my 4 square when they were not phased, e.g.
them all were disconnected, and fed each one at a time to found out the
following VSWR values:

Tower 1: 3.800  1:1.41
Tower 2: 3.800  1:1.59
Tower 3: 3.800  1:1.54
Tower 4: 3.800  1:1.48

I have a spreadsheet (57 kbytes) with the complete measured values and a
graph as well.

All towers have an aluminium tube at the end which allows to either make it
shorter or longer. The question is: based on these values how long do I have
to increase each one, e.g., towers numbers 2, 3 and 4, in order to have them
all set to the same VSWR value, I?d say 1:1.41.

As far as I know the 4 towers when phased will have low VSWR values due to
the mutual impedance. Am I right?

Thanks in advance for any help.

73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar

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