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Subject: [TowerTalk] [ham-law] Re: Researching CC & R's, Possible Antenna RestrictionsAt My Propose
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Date: Mon Jun 16 10:45:49 2003
    FYI from the HamLaw reflector. One person's opinion - YMMV but a big 
warning if you're going to be buying a place with CC&R's, HOAs, etc. 

Steve     K7LXC

>>  If the deed to the property mentions anything about by-laws and the 
is subject to the bylaws of any type of by laws or association, and the
bylaws can be amended--BEWARE.  Home Owner Association; Condominium
Association; Member Group--what ever they call it--you don't want these
people as neighbors--they WILL screw you--they are NIMBY's and don't want
anyone to have something they think is weird, out of the norm (as they
define it) or better than what they have--and oh my--could it decrease their
property values?  Look out!

These people are on power trips and have a need to control others and make
them conform to their way of thinking.  Do not buy into these associations.
Get a written opinion from a lawyer.  Get a written agreement from your
realtor.  Get a written agreement from the HOA indicating for as long as you
own the property the association will not prevent you from installing any
type of ham antenna system.  If the lawyer balks--get a different one.  If
the realtor will not agree to buy back your property if there are antenna
restriction problems down the road--then get a different one.  If the HOA
complains or refuses to accommodate you--GET A CLUE!  Do you want these
jerks as neighbors?

When the HOA controlled planned unit developments lose power, phone, cable
TV and cell phones, just remind them they live in the US and it is a free
country based on capitalism.  There will always be "haves" and "have-nots".
I have a radio and can communicate.  You don't and can't.  BUMMER!!!
Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD  >>
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