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[TowerTalk] Removing and Installing Rohn with a Crane

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Removing and Installing Rohn with a Crane
From: (Jim Idelson)
Date: Wed Jun 18 07:27:13 2003
Hi all,

I'm upgrading my 25G tower to 45G. If I can get all the hardware ready, this 
looks like the perfect job to make efficient use of a crane. I'm considering 
the possibility of assembling the 45G on the ground, lowering the 25G and 
raising the 45G in one short crane visit. The towers are 85 feet and guyed at 
three levels. The base is a pier pin. I would plan to move the mast and the 
existing guy wires from the old tower to the new tower as soon as the old tower 
is on the ground.

I'm looking for specific instructions on what crane to rent, and how I should 
instruct the rigger to take the 25G down and how to put up the 45G without 
damaging/buckling either tower.

1.  Should these operations be done in a single lift or more?
2.  Where and how should the rigger attach to the tower?
3.  What should be done differently for the 25G versus the 45G?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Jim Idelson K1IR

PS From the responses to my recent post about installing a ring rotor, I sure 
hope to have the ring installed and operating properly on the top section 
before the tower is lifted.
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