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Subject: [TowerTalk] N8SM
From: (S. Markowski Jr.)
Date: Wed Jun 18 10:05:59 2003

Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:

>He's dead.  He doesn't care.
Apparently you do not work in a field/occupation were people die due to 
an accidents, collapses, falls, explosions, etc.....  I do..   True, our 
beloved hobby is not an occupation.

It is common courtesy and respect for the deceased and their family not 
to "arm-chair quarterback" the incident.  And NOTHING is official until 
the inquest is completed.

It will do NOBODY any good to pass on speculation, rumor, or gossip. 
 Perhaps someone was there with him...... If they were, I can ASSURE 
you, they need time too! Give it a break, out of respect!
Zig - KM9M

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