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From: (Jim Wilcox)
Date: Wed Jun 18 10:50:57 2003
Sorry, OJ,  not quite "END OF

Just to make it "official," if and when *I* die because of something related
to ham radio, I ask that if there is any information whatsoever that could
be disseminated to the fraternity that might save others, that it be done as
soon as possible.  It makes no difference whether I did something stupid or
if I did everything correctly and safely, and there was equipment failure.
My family believes this, also.

My death just might serve as a valuable life-saving lesson to others.  That
just might make it worth it.

Others may not feel the same.

vy 73

Jim, W3WV
Jim Wilcox

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The hidden agenda is that he was a good friend of a lot of people on the
recflector who are trying to show some respect for the man's passing.

PLEASE - imagine he was close to you.

END OF THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim, K4OJ

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