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[TowerTalk] Memorial for N8SM

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Memorial for N8SM
From: (Scott Johns)
Date: Thu Jun 19 06:23:29 2003
Bob KQ2M's suggestion of the 529 plan is excellent!

Now is not the the time, but when the time is right is there anyone on
the reflector whom was close to N8SM that will volunteer to approach his
wife with the idea?

Fifty $1000 donations, or one hundred $500 donations would be a great
goal, and would likely provide for a great education for N8SM's
daughter.  Such would be a small sacrifice for all participants...but
delaying a station improvement would be a big help to his widow.

73, Scott W3TX   

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Hi Steve,

I too remember Steve as WD8IXE and will miss him.  My heart goes out to
family and especially his young daughter.

> Is their any interest among fellow hams in establishing a trust for
> education of N8SM's child?  I'm sure that such a trust could be
> established with his wife named as trustee.

With respect to your suggestion, anyone can donate to a Section 529 plan
the name of his daughter. It is not necessary to establish a formal
nor to incur the time, energy and/or expense of setting one up.  His
would be the custodian of the 529 plan.  Someone would have to talk with
and secure her permission and get some information and have her sign
forms, but I am sure that would not be a problem with such a caring and
thoughtful idea.

Someone who was close to Steve and his family should approach his wife
this idea.

Bob KQ2M


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