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[TowerTalk] Re: [YCCC] Removing and Installing Rohn with a Crane

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [YCCC] Removing and Installing Rohn with a Crane
From: (Jim)
Date: Thu Jun 19 14:27:43 2003
Hire a sign truck.
They are designed to lift light loads qite high!
The trucks are smaller and lighter that a crane.
The bottom line, less $$$$

Jim W7RY

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  Since you will only be lifting a few hundred pounds, a light crane is all
  you need ...  the only thing you need is to be sure you have enough "reach".
  At WR1X, we put up a 90 foot tower using a 45 ton crane and lifted Rohn 45
  three sections at a time.   This beast was BIG and you probably don't want
  one on your lawn.

  When taking apart the old tower, you should probably have someone blast the
  joints with your favorite penetrating oil a day before.  Consider having a
  guy on the tower using a hand jack to pull/push the sections apart to avoid
  bending Z braces of the tower section.  It is difficult for the crane
  operator to know when he is pulling too hard.

  Be certain to make sure the sections of the new tower fit together well
  before the crane arrives .... they often get bent a bit in shipping, and it
  is a lot easier to fix them on the ground than on the tower.

  Renting a crane is a great way to go ... so much better than fooling with a
  gin pole!

  -Joe KM1P

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  > Hi all,
  > I'm upgrading my 25G tower to 45G. If I can get all the hardware ready,
  > looks like the perfect job to make efficient use of a crane. I'm
  > the possibility of assembling the 45G on the ground, lowering the 25G and
  > raising the 45G in one short crane visit. The towers are 85 feet and guyed
  > three levels. The base is a pier pin. I would plan to move the mast and
  > existing guy wires from the old tower to the new tower as soon as the old
  tower> I'm looking for specific instructions on what crane to rent, and how
  I should
  > instruct the rigger to take the 25G down and how to put up the 45G without
  > damaging/buckling either tower.
  > 1.  Should these operations be done in a single lift or more?
  > 2.  Where and how should the rigger attach to the tower?
  > 3.  What should be done differently for the 25G versus the 45G?
  > Thanks for your thoughts.
  > Jim Idelson K1IR
  > email
  > web
  > PS From the responses to my recent post about installing a ring rotor, I
  > hope to have the ring installed and operating properly on the top section
  > before the tower is lifted.
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