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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advice requested
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Date: Thu Jun 19 16:40:34 2003

     Your requirements that the antenna support structure be both non-guyed
and a single pipe are somewhat mutually exclusive unless you decide on a
short tubular tower like the US Tower MA-40, but kept at 30 feet.  (It'll
run you $849 from HRO, per their QST ad this month.)

     If this won't work, I can suggest using three sections of Rohn 25
bracketed to your house (with appropriate internal reinforcement of the
roof/wall), sunk into the ground about five feet, with five feet or so of HS
steel mast plus your antenna/rotator.  That ought to keep it invisible from
the street.  The Rohn catalog claims that their sections have some amount of
self-support ability above a roof bracket.  But the expense of three
sections of 25, plus two brackets plus reinforcing, etc might cost you
nearly as much as the MA-40.

     Nevertheless, congratulations on your victory!  Hope to hear you on
with the new aluminum soon.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advice requested

> I finally have gotten the go-ahead from the neighborhood antenna police
> (read home owners association) to put up a mini beam on a mast at about 30
> ft or so.  That's a pretty big breakthrough.
> So, before I get too deep into it, I would appreciate some advice from the
> Tower Talk community.
> One.  What mini beam would you recommend and why?  Hex Beam?  Cushcraft
> MA5B?  Force 12 C3SS, etc.?  Any directivity and gain is better than my
> current wire and vertical antennas.  Am interested in all bands 20 thru
> Low profile and keeping the neighbors from attacking are the paramount
> considerations.  They don't see lots of aluminum in the air as a thing of
> beauty.
> Two.  A "real" tower is out of the question.  They'll allow me a "TV type"
> mast as long as it and the antenna are not visible from the street.   That
> limits the total height to 30 ft or so.   And  guy wire/ropes are pretty
> much a no go for perceived aesthetic reasons.  Since a mast with antenna
> usually requires guys, this restriction adds a challenge.   I do have a
> with a 6x6 corner support that is buried in concrete.  The top is about 12
> feet up off the ground.  Perhaps I could anchor a mast there with some
> of support and thrust bearing in lieu of guys.
> Am open to all suggestions and advice.
> I'm sure there are some good ideas out there.  Thanks in advance for the
> help and (hopefully) for no flames.
> 73...   Bill K3WA
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