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Date: Thu Jun 19 17:45:53 2003
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> Ok, mathemeticians and engineers out theree.. I need some help
>   Have an MA-550 55' tower.  I have a little over 7 sqr feet of antenna.  A 
> Steppir (6sqr ft), a 40m D40 cushcraft dipole (1sqr ft) and a 2/440 verticle 
> (<0.25sqr fet).  
>   The The wind load capacity of the MA-550 at 50mph is a little more than 10 
> sqr feet of antenna and at 80mph it is around 6sqr feet.  This is based on 
> the antenna being around foot or so above the top of the tower.  If I use 
> their 20ft reinforced steel mast and put the 3 element Steppir at 10 feet 
> above 
> the top of the tower and the D40 at the top, at 20 feet above.  What does 
> that 
> do to it's wind loading capacity?
> Michael
A simple calculation is to ratio the height of the antenna attachment point 
times the known antenna area.     or  6 * (1+54)/(9+54) = new area or 
6*(55/63)= 5.2sq ft.

Norman W4QN

"The Power of a Cubex Quad"

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