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[TowerTalk] US Towers and wind Loading Capacity

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Towers and wind Loading Capacity
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Date: Fri Jun 20 10:12:25 2003
In a message dated 6/19/03 9:39:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> Where did those numbers come from?  AFAIK, the MA-550
>  barely survives 80 MPH with no antenna on top.  I see
>  no way you can do what you propose unless you crank
>  the tower down whenever you are off the air (and don't
>  get on the air when it is windy).
    True. King County here is WA has an 85 MPH rating. The last MA tower I 
installed here was PE rated at a 25 pound load at that windspeed. Your rotator 
and mast will fit but no antennas. 

Steve     K7LXC
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