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[TowerTalk] homemade beams

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] homemade beams
From: (Gregg Seidl)
Date: Fri Jun 20 10:15:25 2003
I would like to know if any one has built any of the beams in the 19th
edtion Antenna book by the ARRL.I'm considering building either a 3 or 4
element 20 beam.I'm thinkimg about useing a hairpin match mostly because I
don't know how a gamma match works and where to find the cap that is
needed.I know you need to insulate the driven elemnt from the boom on a
hairpin but that I think could be done with some pvc or such,kinda like
Mosley does.As a matter of fact I think I have an old Mosley center element
in the shed.Any help would be great.I know I could never come close to
builing a JRC JST-245 but I think I could build a 4 element beam just as
good as M2 or whatever and maybe save a few bucks to buy another JST-245,ok
maybe not!!!   Gregg  K9KL

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