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[TowerTalk] homemade beams

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Subject: [TowerTalk] homemade beams
From: (Floyd Sense)
Date: Fri Jun 20 13:15:21 2003
The gamma match cap is pretty easy.  I've always made the cap from two
loosely telescoping pieces of tubing, covering the inside one with shrink
wrap tubing.  That tube then serves as the gamma match tube and you adjust
the cap by moving the inner tube in or out.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] homemade beams

> I would like to know if any one has built any of the beams in the 19th
> edtion Antenna book by the ARRL.I'm considering building either a 3 or 4
> element 20 beam.I'm thinkimg about useing a hairpin match mostly because I
> don't know how a gamma match works and where to find the cap that is
> needed.I know you need to insulate the driven elemnt from the boom on a
> hairpin but that I think could be done with some pvc or such,kinda like
> Mosley does.As a matter of fact I think I have an old Mosley center
> in the shed.Any help would be great.I know I could never come close to
> builing a JRC JST-245 but I think I could build a 4 element beam just as
> good as M2 or whatever and maybe save a few bucks to buy another
> maybe not!!!   Gregg  K9KL
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