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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advice Requested
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Fri Jun 20 21:42:58 2003
2x2 wood pieces available in 12 ft lengths are also fairly cheap.. They use
2x2 and 2x4 "masts" around here when they need to show where the corners of
a proposed building are going to be for planning hearings. They just nail up
a couple diagonal braces on each piece to hold them up. They typically
install one at each corner of the proposed building. Since the general plan
discourages structures >3 stories, 30-40 feet is as high as they need to go.

Dacron fishing line works as an invisible guy... even something like nylon
seine twine would probably work, and not be overly visible.
Human eyes can resolve about an arc minute, so you can figure out how small
something needs to be to make it invisible, given the distance (... about
1/4000th of the distance, so 100 ft away, it needs to be 1/40th of a foot or
smaller... 1/4" give or take)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advice Requested

> The suggestion was made to:
> As a visual experiment, you might try temporarily erecting 30 feet of 2x4
> painted white (or heck, 30 feet of PVC pipe, if the day is relatively
> windless)
> That is a great idea - Wish I would have thought of it.  Stick your 30 +
> feet of PVC pipe up in the air and if anyone asks just say your trying to
> make sure it's not visible from the street.
> If you get it up and no one notices you can go higher until they do.
> I've built Field Day masts this way - use nesting sections of PVC and
> a hole about 1 foot in on one end, all the way through.  Put a long eye
> through the hole and stick the short end into the next section of PVC.
> eye bolt gives you a place to put guys up (you will need them with the
> it bends in the sun/heat).
> With the help of two friends, each holding a guy, with you standing on a
> ladder you can push up each section and set it into the next section.
> after 4 sections of pipe, you have a 37 foot high tower.
> Walk around your house and see if you can see it - .
> Good luck

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