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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advice Requested
From: (Command Duty Officer)
Date: Sat Jun 21 13:15:14 2003

> Unfortunately, this isn't the whole story.  I can see the 3/16" EHS guys
on my tower from over 200 feet away.  Super good eyes?  Nope -- it isn't a
matter of your eye actually being able to resolve the width of the guy wire,
but rather the contrast between the color and/or brightness of the guy and
the color and/or brightness of the background.  The result is that the
"pixels" through which the guy wires pass have a noticeably different
*average* color and/or brightness than those adjacent to them, so you can
see the wire even though it is too small to resolve.

     I agree with this entirely, my 90ft R25 is painted multicolor up to the
75ft level.  The first three feet have been painted to resembled the brick
background of my home, from 3-25ft it is butternut yellow matching my
siding. From 25ft to 75ft it has been painted camo-brown/green/gray to match
the surrounding trees.  It is almost invisible unless you are staring
directly at it, one of the concessions I had to make to the XYL in order to
occomodate her :-)

James Bair
USMC retired
Ham Operator W4PFC
When I grow up, I want to be just like me

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