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[TowerTalk] 40m rotatable dipole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 40m rotatable dipole
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Sun Jun 22 13:17:22 2003
I wonder if it would be possible to gamma match the boom
of the SteppIR antenna for 40 and 30 meters. Does anyone
know if the parasitic elements are grounded to the boom?
If so, it might be possible to use a fixed gamma and then
just adjust the element lengths for a match on the lower
frequencies. That would be really cool if you could pull it off.
The trick would be keeping the RF off the control cables for
the stepper motors.

73 de Mike, W4EF................................

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From: "Jeff Griffin" <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003 8:00 AM
Subject: [TowerTalk] 40m rotatable dipole

> I'm contemplating putting up a rotatable dipole for 40m, I sold my
> tri-bander with 40m add on kit, and have a 4 el SteppIR on order. I'm
> planning on putting the SteppIR at 65 feet and the Dipole at 70-75 foot  I
> have plenty of Force12 part's, from a ef-320/240s. I could build a 66 foot
> dipole, a linear loaded dipole, or a
> Cebik 44 footer
> or? ( I don't want to rebuild the 240s,  I would like to , but tower
> is an issue),MAYBE a short boom 2 element 40 meter beam.  I have a couple
> weeks before the SteppIR arives. What do you guys think???
> 73 Jeff kb2m

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