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[TowerTalk] Combo guyed base, free standing tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Combo guyed base, free standing tower
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Date: Sun Jun 22 17:39:08 2003
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> If a person wanted to put up a 150' tower but didn't have enough clear
>  acreage for full guying.and given the cost for a self supporting tower of
>  that height is prohibitive, would it be feasible and cost effective to put
>  up a 50' heavy duty guyed base topped with a light weight aluminum free
>  standing tower?

    Anything is feasible is engineered properly. Are you talking about 
putting a 100' aluminum tower on top of 50' of steel tower? What do you want to 
with this structure? 

    Do you know what the cost of a 150' self-supporter is? What kind of load 
are you proposing? What's your county windspeed rating? (They're at  <A 
HREF="";></A> under Tech Notes 
you don't know.)

Steve       K7LXC
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