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[TowerTalk] Combo guyed base, free standing tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Combo guyed base, free standing tower
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Date: Sun Jun 22 19:41:35 2003
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>  If a person wanted to put up a 150' tower but didn't have enough clear
>  acreage for full guying.and given the cost for a self supporting tower of
>  that height is prohibitive, would it be feasible and cost effective to put
>  up a 50' heavy duty guyed base topped with a light weight aluminum free
>  standing tower?
>  --Douglas Rupp

First question is what are you trying to achieve? Contests installation, DXer 
or casual? Then looking at your situation you should decide what is the best, 
most effective (cost and DX wise) solution. 

Putting 100' self supporting tower on the top of 50' guyed tower is not 
simple. You better have sturdy 50' of self supporting like guyed tower able to 
the (tremendous) bending moment from the 100 footer. If you would have guy 
wires at 50' level, you better have guy wires going to the 100 footer (2 or 3 
sets, you have the anchors already) even at the steeper angle. Much better 
situation than leaving the 100' "naked". I wouldn't touch the project unless 
serious calculations are done. Light weight aluminum has not much to do with 
loads from wind load. 
Suggestion based on very limited "specs".

73  Yuri, K3BU
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