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[TowerTalk] Combo guyed base, free standing tower

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Combo guyed base, free standing tower
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Sun Jun 22 22:27:05 2003
Douglas B Rupp <> wrote:

>> It is possible to use a smaller guy radius than 80% if the anchors, cable
>> and tower are properly designed.  A 100' lightweight aluminum tower is not
>> going to be able to hold much, maybe a VHF antenna.

>70% is still >100'. Clearing trees to preclude interference in that large of
>a radius could be a problem.

It's possible to go much steeper than 70% with a guyed tower, if
it's engineered properly. For example, there's a 700' tower near
me with guy radius of around 300'. It requires a stronger tower,
stronger guys, and bigger anchors. It probably is still less
expensive than a self support tower of equivalent height and
load capability.

Steep guying does however, make rotating side mounts problematic.

Steve K8LX
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