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[TowerTalk] Edible cable jackets

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Edible cable jackets
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Mon Jun 23 13:01:17 2003

Years ago at another QTH our neighborhood during a drought was invaded
by rats and for some reason they chewed off everything on about a 3 ft.
section of drop cable on cable TV from the pole to our house except for
the copper center conductor. It was under the eaves of the house leading
to where it came inside.  The way we discovered it was my XYL had a
small portable TV in the kitchen not on cable but just rabbit ears and
we started receiving cable channels on it between VHF channels 2-13. 
HBO came in almost perfectly. 

Tom, WW5L

Pete Smith wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago, I laid down two runs of CAT-3 computer cable from
> the house to the tower for a new antenna switching system.  I was out there
> yesterday after the rain stopped, and discovered a 2-foot stretch of one of
> the cables that appears to have been chewed by something.  Can't tell yet
> if the continuity has been broken on any of the pairs -- that's the next
> chore -- and I'm hoping this was a one-time experience, but I was curious
> whether anyone knows anything about plastic cable jacket materials that are
> more or less attractive to small animals.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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