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[TowerTalk] Pictures of modest tower + hf beam needed!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pictures of modest tower + hf beam needed!
From: (Jaap de Jonge)
Date: Mon Jun 23 14:29:21 2003
Hi all,
Need a favor: I'm about to convince my XYL that a modest tower with HF
beam isn't all that ugly. She's inclined to give in to my want, but
she'd like to get an impression of what the final result would look
like. Therefore I'm looking for pictures of a modest tower (45 feet / 15
meters high) carrying only one HF tribander (3/4/5 element). Tower
preferably attached to the side of the house, or free standing, but
close to the house. My house is moderate in size, two stories tall.
Picture taken from some distance, showing a good overview, with all the
dimensions in the right perspective and not too much focus on the tower
is preferred. Please e-mail picture or send me a link and help me
persuade my wife!

Jaap PA8DX

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