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[TowerTalk] links to various hf antennas needed please

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Subject: [TowerTalk] links to various hf antennas needed please
From: (Kenny)
Date: Mon Jun 23 15:32:22 2003
I have been looking for all the information on the web I can about a good
wire antenna.  I have quite a few links, but would welcome anymore links on
the type of wire antennas to build and use.  I'm trying to make an informed
choice of the kind I want to put up.  I have written about mounting a
screwdriver antenna onto my garage and want to tell everyone I appreciate
your comments on that.  Most said it would work, but not as well as a dipole
antenna.  If I mounted a dipole I could get about 200ft max "100 ft each
side"  in my yard.  However it wouldn't be that high, maybe 30 35 ft  and 20
ft on the ends.  I though about buying a sgc smartuner or ldg remote tuner
and just putting up as much wire as I could and use it that way or  ?  So
any links.comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank You for reading.



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