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[TowerTalk] Edible cable jackets

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Edible cable jackets
From: (on4kj)
Date: Mon Jun 23 16:40:47 2003
Those Boston animals must be different of the european ones  because I can
assure you that rats in the European railwaystations just prefer the grey
PVC's. ( sic )
Should those animals know about the difference between Grey and Gray ? (
Gray being the american spelling of grey.)
This is not a joke, since I talked about the problem to the cable makers,
and they developped a product to spread over the bridges and we had no more
problems since.
Or the beasts muted since 1982 hi hi.

Jos on4kj

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> At 12:41 PM -0400 6/23/03, wrote:
> >Rodents love the smell/taste of new cables....
> I think they like the texture/chewiness more than the smell/taste.
> Gray squirrels have chewed off the sheet lead flashing around my
> chimneys; and, last year chipmunks chewed completely through not just
> the PVC (?) insulation but all three solid copper wires of each of
> two electric power cables in my yard.  These cables supplied 120-VAC
> power to two outdoor lights that I kept lit all night.  I assume that
> the chipmunks learned to chew only during the day, when the power was
> off.  At least, on the wire with the black insulation.  :-)
> Rodents _must_ chew on things in order to keep their teeth worn down.
> Rodents' front teeth, unlike ours, grow constantly.  Rocks are too
> hard.  Soft metals like lead, copper, and aluminum are just right,
> apparently.
> I don't understand it and I don't 100% believe it, but a master
> electrician who has been doing buried cables for decades in the
> northern and western suburbs of Boston has _insisted_ to me that the
> local rodents won't chew through ordinary gray PVC conduit.
> -Chuck, W1HIS
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