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[TowerTalk] Red light for the top of a tower.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Red light for the top of a tower.
From: (Ken Fisher)
Date: Mon Jun 23 17:32:00 2003
It's only for novelty. My nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away and nearest 
airport is five miles. I have one for my other tower and I use a 12v R.V.
bulb inside. Much easier to run 12v than 110 up the towers. I found my 
current light fixture at a ham swap 25+ years ago.

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>>I'm looking for a place to purchase the bracket,base,red glass housing and
>> the 12v Bulb 25 +/- watt, for mounting on the top
>> of my tower. 
>     What is this for? Why do you think you need it? 
>     It doesn't sound like an FAA compliant lamp - they're 120V and 300 
> watters I'm pretty sure.
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