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[TowerTalk] LP VS YAGI

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Subject: [TowerTalk] LP VS YAGI
From: (AA6DX)
Date: Mon Jun 23 18:12:09 2003
Well .. just FYI .. my Mosely 5 el 20M monobander (46' Boom) would kick the
britches off of a brand new Sabre Log Periodic .. same power, approximately
same antenna height .. located about 3 miles apart.  The Sabre was at Fort
Wainwright, Alaska, at the com center. The Mosely was at my home, in North
Pole....I installed both aerials!  Multiple tests .. the LP   N E V E R
came out on top.   73, Mark   AA6DX
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Log periodic vs Steppir

> Antenna  other then those for a fixed frequency ( such as used in VHF and
> UHF ) are always a compromise.
> LP brings a lot more of metal on the towers , so think it over. There is
> that much gain difference between  LP and classic beams. Stepper  technics
> is a better aproach to the fixed freq antenna, and will be ideal ( I
> suppose ) the day they can adjust the distances between the elements and
> element lenghts as well.
> My two Euro cent vision .
> Jos on4kj
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