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[TowerTalk] Rohn 25G installation basics

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn 25G installation basics
From: (David Cook)
Date: Mon Jun 23 20:13:20 2003
Hi, I'm a newcomer to this group and am looking for some basic information
on putting up a Rohn 25G tower that I inherited from a retiring ham. I've
looked on Rohn's Web site and it doesn't appear that they provide much in
the way of customer support for these little towers. I've searched the
TowerTalk archives, and haven't found a specific answer yet, so I thought
I'd go ahead and just ask.

I have a 10 foot section and a 9 foot top section. I bought a replacement
SBH25G hinged base section and am thinking about adding another 10 foot
section to the whole assembly. The fellow who owned this had the SBH25G in
what appears to be about a 1 1/2 foot by 2 foot footing and the tower was
free-standing. Unfortunately, he didn't have any original specifications
from Rohn as to the requirements for his configuration or, of course, what I
would like to put up with the extra section.

So, I'm wondering a) does Rohn make this information available anymore, or
b) recommendations from the group on how big the footing should be. If the
additional 10 foot section might mean that guys are required (antenna is a
Hy-Gain TH3-Mk3), I can live with that.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

-- Dave, WA0TTN

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