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[TowerTalk] homemade beams

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] homemade beams
From: (Gregg Seidl)
Date: Mon Jun 23 22:51:55 2003
Wow did I get a lot of good stuff.I have decided to take the time to
purchase a Yagi program and build my own.I will most likely build 2,4
element jobs so that I can mount one 30 feet lower on my tower and have a
stack.It will have a hairpin match with stuff from Dx Engineering.Now
another question: is there a good website or other info on how to rebuild a
40-2CD.I have one dismantled in the shed and would like to rebuild it.I
always had trouble with the elements turning on the boom.Man did that
suck!!The rest of it was fine.Small and fairly light and it worked.  Gregg

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