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[TowerTalk] New kind of hazer?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New kind of hazer?
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Wed Jun 25 02:50:24 2003
And all this time I was thinking that Dorothy was from Kansas
not Oklahoma :) :)

Mike, W4EF..........................

> I am honored that a photo of my gag got on the web without my knowledge.
> How in the world did you come across it, Terry?
> Here's the story.  I am an old bike racer.  Oklahoma has an annual event
> called the "Freewheel" where hundreds of cyclists ride about 700 miles
> border to border across the state.  I was going to have done it this year,
> but my plans changed.  The route was scheduled to go right by N5OT.
> Naturally I felt inclined to show all my friends I was thinking of them,
> even though I wasn't out riding with them.
> I bolted the bike on at about 7am, and the riders started coming by at
> 7:45am.  I was tickled to see more than one stop to take a photo.  Little
> did I imagine my little prank would make the WWW - at the hands of someone
> else.  I was going to click a few photos before I take it down - and
> probably would have posted them myself - probably still will, but what a
> total surprise!
> The bike is the first nice bike I ever had - it was given to me in about
> 1984 by my lifetime pal David, N6AN (AA6RX).  I have gotten other bikes
> since, so I figured it was a fitting retirement for Dave's bike on my
> for the Freewheelers.
> :)
> Mark, N5OT

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