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[TowerTalk] FAA form 7560-1 question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FAA form 7560-1 question
From: (Nelson Moyer)
Date: Wed Jun 25 19:09:19 2003
I got mine from the local U.S. Geologic Survey Office. They have
topographical maps that are accurate within a few feet. I have the
misfortune to live 0.25 miles off the end of a municipal airport and the
trapezoid extending from one runway cuts across a corner of my back yard
so FAA wanted to be sure about the elevation and use their aerial maps
to pinpoint my location and elevation. Good luck! It took me over a year
of bitter struggle before I finally got approval for a 54 foot tower.

Nelson, KU0A

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FAA form 7560-1 question

I'm getting ready to file an FAA 7460-1.

Can any of the professional tower guys explain how to obtain the NAD 83
latitude / longitude coordinate data for my property?

I'm assuming a regular GPS coordinate is not sufficient?

73, Scott W3TX


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