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[TowerTalk] Earth Screw Anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Earth Screw Anchors
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Thu Jun 26 11:12:12 2003
find out who supplies the power companies for their pole back stays...

here in FL a lot of that business goes through Graybar


Jim, K4OJ

Richard Karlquist wrote:
>>Does anyone have a distributor for subject in the Virginia Area (DC to 
>>Richmond)?  I need three six footers.
> Sometimes you can get earth anchors locally from
> businesses that sell landscaping and tree trimming
> supplies to tree service businesses.
> You can also get them by mail from McMaster-Carr.  I got
> some little 30 inch'ers from them that are handy for 
> guying small antennas and/or for temporary use.  They
> also have the big ones.
> Rick N6RK
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