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[TowerTalk] Earth Screw Anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Earth Screw Anchors
From: (Mark .)
Date: Thu Jun 26 13:03:44 2003
Dave asked:
<< Does anyone have a distributor for subject in the Virginia Area (DC to
Richmond)?  I need three six footers.

thanks, dave wa3gin >>

Hi Dave et all,

A.B. Chance sells these. From their website at you 
can search for distributors.

I found the following for VA:

Walder Foundation Products
P.O. Box 1272 - 12439 Maple St.
Ashland, Virginia 23005

Attn: J.A. Walder, Jr. (Skip)

Tele: 804-798-3605
Fax: 804-798-5032



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