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[TowerTalk] Common-mode current on feedline

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Common-mode current on feedline
From: (N2TK, Tony)
Date: Thu Jun 26 15:18:24 2003
Question in regard to Common-mode chokes.

I use Force 12 B-1 baluns on 10-40M. On 80 and 160M I use 50 of the small
beads on RG141.
All the Buryflex and hardline is tied together and buried a few inches in
sand for about 125'. It all ends at Ice 303 lightning arrestors (302
arrestor for 2M) on a grounded aluminum panel in my basement. In addition
there is an ICE coax switch, low pass filter for HF and a 2M bandpass filter
on the panel. My amp is tied into this panel. I have one coax line for HF
and one coax line for 2M coming to the room right above it to my rig.
Should I be using Common-mode chokes anywhere? What benefit would they buy
me? Where would I put them?
Tnx for any feedback

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