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[TowerTalk] more on moving AB-577s alone

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Subject: [TowerTalk] more on moving AB-577s alone
Date: Fri Jun 27 00:32:29 2003
The AB-577 can be moved single handed, even with all the tubes in it, with a 
"hand truck."  With it horizontal is the most stable but requires an 8' 
left-to-right clearance, so it can be unwieldy, though it's stable.  Or, you 
can do it "vertically" on the hand truck -- the AB-577 is taller than any hand 
truck I've ever seen, but you end up holding onto the top of the AB-577 and the 
hand truck for the most parts stays where it's supposed to, depending on how 
uneven the ground is you're on.  On pavement it's pretty stable.  If you move 
10 or so of these out to their FD locations single handed on a hand truck you 
can get a workout.  Make sure your back is in good shape!  And, if it is, it 
may not be for long!  You might want to encourage your local chiropractor -- 
and masseuse too -- to get their ham licenses and get them on your FD team.

You wouldn't typically pick one of these, with all the tubes in it, in a "dead 
lift," though maybe a weightlifter might, "just because he can."  You would 
typically lift one end, getting the benefit of an eight-foot lever (the length 
of the base, launcher, unit), say up onto the tailgate of a pickup truck, then 
go around and lift the other end, and then slide it into the pickup.

73 - Rich, KE3Q (W3AO field day team)
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