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[TowerTalk] Line Isolators (was: common mode chokes)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Line Isolators (was: common mode chokes)
From: (Floyd Sense)
Date: Fri Jun 27 17:53:09 2003
Reminds me of my experience with the same company.  I bought 100 feet of new
coax from them via the telephone and when I was installing it I noticed some
rough spots on the coax.  I put on my glasses and discovered the rough spots
were actually holes in the coax outer vinyl housing.  Some were large enough
that you could actually see the bare copper braid through them.

I called Radio Works and they said to return the coax so they could check it
out.  A week later, they told me that they could find nothing wrong with the
coax, but would send me a replacement.  When the new coax arrived, the first
thing I did was to check for problems in the vinyl covering and, once again,
there were many holes.  I got an independent opinion from my XYL by asking
her if she saw anything odd about a certain spot on the cable.  Her reply:
"Looks like a hole to me."

Once again I contacted Radio Works and this time they refused to pay the
shipping on the returned cable.  I went over the cable very carefully, and
found 22 voids in the outer covering, and marked each hole location with
yellow masking tape.  I sent the coax back and when I contacted them they
told me that two people had looked at the cable and could find no problems.
They also refused to refund my money at that point.  In fact, the "office
manager" was downright nasty with me, insisting that there was nothing wrong
with either of the cables they had sent me.

I sent a registered letter to the business owner explaining the situation
and asking for a refund.  I did not receive a response.  The next month, a
credit for the amount in question showed up on my Visa statement.

In my opinion, these guys are bad actors and are to be avoided at all costs.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Line Isolators (was: common mode chokes)

> I asked the proprietor of Radio Works about this by email.  After
> initially replying to suggest that perhaps I'd been sent the wrong
> model, he ceased responding to my email.
> I invite anyone owning one of these products to measure its impedance
> and to report your results on this reflector.
> Caveat emptor!
> 73 de Chuck, W1HIS
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