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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Tower climbing business
From: (James)
Date: Sat Jun 28 09:26:52 2003
I found the previous post relating to the number of times a 
climber has been saved by their fall arresting harness interesting.

During my 15 plus years of tower erection and antenna maintenance,
I never experienced any life threatening event. While there were
many dangerous situations, I always took precautions to minimize or
eliminate the hazard.

What I'm seeing now is an over reliance on safety gear and no reliance
on common sense. I'm also seeing a lot of climbers refusing to climb, 
yelling its an OSHA safety call when in reality its only inconvenient
conditions to climb for them.

>From what I'm hearing about fall arresting events, the climber was 
usually over extending his work zone, i.e. walking six feet out on a 
horizontal antenna mount with his safety mount point still on the 
tower - expecting it will somehow prevent him from falling. It 
won' will only save you AFTER you fall.

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