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From: (Paul N. Nix)
Date: Sat Jun 28 11:49:59 2003
Early Saturday Morning
Field Day 2003
28 June 2003

To all of Steve's friends in Amateur Radio;

The last two weeks haven't been easy ones for those of
us who worked with Steve at Texas Instruments in Dallas.

I was at work early that Monday morning when Steve's boss
called a bunch of us together to give us the news of the

I worked a bit late last night (Friday) and as the lab is
very near Steve's cubical I went by to see how moving his
things had progressed. Most everything is gone ... the
desk is cleared of the Engineer's clutter .... the family
pictures are off the table and down from the wall board.

Today, Saturday, June 28th, is Field Day. Everyone who can
should go out, enjoy the camaraderie of being with fellow
hams. Please 'think safety' before you lift that mast or
climb that tree and, as things slow up a bit Saturday
evening, take a minute to remember a friend.


Paul Nix, WB5AGF
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