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[TowerTalk] Using plywood forms...??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Using plywood forms...??
Date: Sun Jun 29 16:32:42 2003

     Absolutely remove the form.  If you don't, when the wood decays, that
side of the foundation will not have the support from undisturbed earth that
the other sides have.

     This means that you'll have to allow sufficient room around the
foundation to get at the wood for removal.  That, in turn, means you'll have
to backfill the void.  And finally, that means you'll have to compact the
backfill as it's being dumped into the excavation.  Don't just shovel in the
dirt and walk away.  After each half a foot or so has been shoveled in,
punch at it with the end of a 2X4 until it doesn't compress any more.  Then
shovel in the next half a foot, etc.

     However, it might be easier if you just fill in the oversized hole with
a bit more concrete.  You'll avoid the need to worry about forms, removal,
compaction, etc.  The hassle is a toss-up between excavating exactly the
right sized hole vs buying and placing a bit more concrete.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Using plywood forms...??

> I'm installing several Trylon T400-80's.  I noticed that you can use
> forms for those times when your backhoe guy gets carried away with the
> digging.
> If I use a form for one end of my oversized base.....Do you remove the
> plywood, then backfill.....Or backfill with the plywood in place?
> Thanks...
> Rich
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