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[TowerTalk] TRI-EX winch drum cable removal

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TRI-EX winch drum cable removal
From: (David Jordan)
Date: Mon Jun 30 07:20:46 2003
Hi Folks,

It's time to replace the tilt-up cable on the CT-100. There is a bolt 
that hold the cable to the side of the drum. Got the bolt loose but it's 
longer then there is room for it to exit the threaded hole in the drum. 
The head of the bolt runs into the gear reduction unit.  Anyone run into 
this scenario before?
I'm thinking I can cut the cable and crimp a new one on (don't have the 
crimpting tool and not sure I could fit it in close enought the drum) or 
could cut the bolt, extract the remaining threaded portion of the bolt 
and replace with a shorter bolt...


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