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[towertalk] antenna stacking

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Subject: [towertalk] antenna stacking
From: (Jordan, David)
Date: Mon Jun 2 11:06:34 2003
You wont get 3dB at best for a 3 element yagi on 20m using a 30'
spacing is 2.5dB max.  Add in an additional say 20' of cable say rg213
and you will have more loss. say another .25dB.
That assumes there is no VSWR loss.

I currently have 2 6 element tribanders at 71 and 39' stacked
I use 25' RG213 to feed both and a simple switch.  I do not adjust for VSWR
you can get a stackmatch form WX0B

Yes I pick up about 2.5 dB gain but what's more important
is the take off angle and reduced fading.
Besides stacking 2 24' antenna is a lot easier than trying to keep a 60'
boom one up
and you have the ability to split the stack if designed right

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